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Get a Brake Tuneup at One of Our Service Centers


Put simply, brakes are one of the most essential aspects of your vehicle and not something that you want to let degrade. They’re an essential aspect of both vehicle safety and performance, and should be inspected at least once per year. Here at Hall | MileOne Autogroup, our group of dealerships has both new car deals and a group of friendly service centers, where qualified mechanics will provide brake inspections, repairs, and replacements.

First, it…

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2019 Models Roll Onto our Dealerships

It may be hard to believe, but it’s already time for the 2019 models of all your favorite vehicles to begin to arrive at our dealerships. Indeed, whether you’re shopping for a sedan, SUV, pickup truck, or minivan, there’s a good chance that the 2019 iteration has just arrived at a Hall | MileOne Autogroup dealership or will be arriving in the coming weeks.
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Weekend Trips to Take This Summer


At Hall | MileOne Autogroup we’re very fortunate to have our dealerships based near the Virginia Beach, VA area. We are surrounded by beautiful beaches, state parks, and historical sights. Though if you are searching for something different this summer, why not spend a weekend exploring the other interesting sights our state has to offer…

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Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Car


Long gone are the days when buying a pre-owned car meant making difficult compromises. Thanks to advanced engineering and new car technology, todays cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans are more reliable and dependable than ever before. Youll also find that many used vehicles offer advanced technology and sought after tech.

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How the Leasing Process Works

Leasing can be a fantastic bargain for those that trade in their vehicles every few years since they lower monthly payments and also help drivers avoid having to try and trade in a model that has depreciated in value before the terms of the loan are over.
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4 Signs of a Failing Car Battery

If drivers find that they need a new battery in their new or pre-owned cars, our skilled technicians can have that battery replaced in little time. Of course, knowing when that battery is dying is a key element in this equation, so we want you to be aware of some telltale signs that it may be time for a new car battery.
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