Hall Extended Vehicle Protection FAQs

 Why do I need a factory warranty Inspection?
We perform a complimentary factory warranty inspection in case there is something that needs to be repaired, it is done prior to your vehicle's original factory warranty expiring. With our Extended Vehicle Protection service contract, it can be repaired with no cost to you.

 Is there a cost for an factory warranty inspection?
There is no cost to you for our factory warranty inspection.

 What happens to my coverage when my factory warranty expires?
Any repairs needed at that point are no longer covered by the factory warranty. All costs for parts and labor are your responsibility.

 What is the average cost of repair when a vehicle is out of warranty?
Depending on what fails/breaks it could be very expensive. A computer module replacement (and most cars have many modules) can be thousands of dollars and air conditioning replacement could be more.

 I have been getting calls from companies trying to sell extended service contracts. Do they have anything to do with Hall | MileOne Autogroup?
No. One of the reasons we created the Hall Extended Vehicle Protection Team was to help our customers understand the differences and have confidence in the extended vehicle protection products we offer.

 When does my original factory warranty expire?
Typically 36 months after your purchase date or 36,000 miles, but this can vary depending on the vehicle you purchase. Ask one of our specialists if you are unsure of your current factory warranty terms.

 What should I do if I want to extend my vehicle's protection and find out the cost?
Contact our team for options that will fit your lifestyle and vehicle needs today. 757.271.1311

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