If your car is in an accident, a typical service center won't be able to get your car looking like new again. That's what a body shop is for. The Hall | MileOne Autogroup has an entire network of dealerships on the east coast, and many of them also offer a well-equipped body shop that can help you out after a collision.

So, what does a body shop actually do? Here's a sampling of our services.

Paint Repair

A scratched up paint job can really hurt the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Our automotive experts can match the original paint color perfectly and repaint the damaged part of your car. Unless you tell somebody that the paint on your car was once messed up and needed to be repaired, they would likely never know!

Dent Repair

We can also fix any dents that your car has, whether they're major or minor. If a part can be salvaged and doesn't need to be replaced, we can use any of the state of the art equipment we have available to us to make your vehicle look “like new” again.

Bumper Replacement

Sometimes a dent to your bumper simply cannot be fixed. We'll find a new bumper, paint it to match your vehicle, and install it.

Glass Fixes and Replacement

Accidents can easily damage or break glass. We can replace your windshield, windows, rear window, or mirrors if they have been damaged in an accident.

Door Replacement

If your door is damaged beyond repair, a body shop can even replace it with a brand new, functional door. It can be painted to match the color of your vehicle, so it will be nearly impossible to tell that your car was hit in the first place.

So if you're in need of a body shop, visit one of our new car dealerships. Our skilled technicians are ready to help you get your car back into top shape!

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