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When it comes to purchasing a used car, you can never be too careful. Instead of taking a risk and purchasing a car from a private seller, it is most safe to purchase a used car from a reputable dealership, such as those found under the Hall | MileOne Autogroup umbrella.

When you buy a pre-owned car from one of our dealerships, you’ll have the option of shopping the 
CARFAX® inventory, which features only high-quality used cars that have been thoroughly inspected. These cars also come with a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report, a detailed report of everything the vehicle has been through.  

What Is a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report? 

Before talking about what is included in the report, it is important that you have an idea of what it is. Millions of consumers rely on the CARFAX® Vehicle History Report every day to help them decide whether or not to buy a used car. 

CARFAX® reports are available for new and used cars manufactured since 1981, since the 17-character VIN number was standardized. Anybody who wants to know the history of a used car can purchase a vehicle history report, and it comes with cars purchased from our CARFAX® inventory.  

Every CARFAX® Vehicle History Report Checks For 

  • Major accidents 
  • Open recalls 
  • Total loss 
  • Airbag deployment 
  • Service history
  • Estimated miles driven per year 
  • Multiple owners 
  • Registration history 
  • Mileage rollover 
  • Hail damage  
  • Warranty information 
  • Branded a lemon 
  • Length of ownership 
  • State owned 
  • Flood damage 
  • Salvage titles 
  • Junked 
  • Commercial or personal use 

To shop our inventory of high-quality CARFAX® one-owned cars, stop by a Hall | MileOne Autogroup dealership today.  

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