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Buying a used car instead of new is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make. If you’re looking for a high-quality vehicle without a high price tag, pre-owned cars can provide you with the best of both worlds.

However, in order to get the best bang for your buck, it is important that you perform a complete inspection and look for a few certain things. Here at the Hall | MileOne Autogroup dealerships, we have a wide selection of top-notch used cars, and our dealers would like to share some used car buying tips.  

Used Car Inspection 

You can tell a lot about a used car by inspecting both the exterior and interior. On the exterior, you should check for scratches, dents, and rust. Also, ensure that the body panels line up evenly, as uneven panels can be an indication that the car was in an accident but repaired well. 

Check the cabin by sitting in all the seats and looking for unusual wear and tear in the upholstery. Finally, check the carpets and floor mats for any signs of water damage.  

What to Check On Your Test Drive 

Before purchasing a used car, you’ll want to take it out on the road for a test drive. During the test drive, here is what you should look for: 

  • Tapping and clicking sounds when you start the engine 
  • Drive on different roads and at different speeds to make sure the transmission shifts smoothly 
  • Make note of any unusual engine or brake noises 

Shop the large inventory of used cars here at a Hall | MileOne Autogroup dealership.  

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