4 Signs of a Failing Car Battery

Every Hall MileOne Autogroup dealership boasts an impressive service department that exists for the sole purpose of ensuring that all of our customers' vehicles run smoothly and without issue all year long. If, for example, drivers find that they need a new battery in their new or pre-owned cars, our skilled technicians can have that battery replaced in little time. Of course, knowing when that battery is dying is a key element in this equation, so we want you to be aware of some telltale signs that it may be time for a new car battery.

#1 Slow Engine Crank

You know about how long it takes for your engine to turn over on a typical day, so if the engine crank feels slow and is taking longer than usual, consider driving it directly to a Hall Auto dealership to get the battery tested rather than ending up stranded the next time you try to restart the car.

#2 Dashboard Warning Light

Even more obvious is when your dashboard light pops on. The icon often looks like a battery with little plus and minus symbols on either end. If you see that image flash, take your vehicle into the dealership immediately.

#3 Swollen Battery Case

When your battery is submitted to severe heat or severe cold, the sides of the battery case can swell, which means it could be nearing the end of its life as a functional source of electricity.

#4 It's Been Over Four Years

Most car batteries last four or five years when properly maintained, so if it's been that long you may want to consider preemptively replacing the battery before it breaks down all by itself.

While our dealerships may specialize in auto inventory and new car deals, our service departments also are excellent, especially when it comes to replacing old or damaged car batteries. Stop by a Hall | MileOne Autogroup dealership if you suspect trouble with your car battery. 

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